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Organic Sea Moss (Chrondus Crispus) "Irish Sea Mioss".

This Sea Moss is ethically and organically harvested, by hand, from the cold waters of the north Atlantic.

As it has become more popular, there are many companies selling sea moss. Farm raised sea moss is also on the market. We make every effort to find and sell only organic sea moss.

2oz per package

Organic Sea Moss

  • As a reference 2 Cups of dry sea moss will make 1/2 gallon of gel.

    Increasing the ratio of sea moss to water will yield a thicker and darker gel.

    Rinse: In a large bowl clean 1/4 cup (or your preference) of dry sea moss thoroughly in spring water (avoid using tap water, if at all possible). Massage by hand to remove any sand and or shells. Discard any cloudy water and clean atleast a second time.

    HydrateOnce throughly cleaned, place sea moss in a clean container. Add natural spring water (or naturally alkalyzed spring water) to the cleaned sea moss. Fill container of sea moss with enough water until the sea moss is covered by the water. Additionally, slices of lemon or lime can be added to the container to add the flavor of citrus to the finished product. Cover the container.

    The sea moss should stand for at least 12 hours . During this process the sea moss will hydrate, absorbing water. When the standing time is complete, the sea moss can be transferred to a high speed blender (ie: Vitamix, Ninja). 

    Blending: The process of blending will turn the mix into the gel. The consistency can be thinned by adding more spring water. Refrigerate the mix in an airtight container. The mix will last from 3 - 4 weeks. The gel can also be placed in a freezer for up to 3 months.

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