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About Us


Chris and Bobbijo


Seejak Trades was started by Chris and Bobbijo.


Long before the company was founded, Chris had a desire to be involved in the health and wellness industry. The idea of Seejak Trades developed when he noticed what seemed to be an obvious void between the customer and the industry. They decided to pool their efforts and bridge that void by developing Seejak Trades.


Their goal is providing quality products that their customers can benefit from, appreciate and afford. In support of local businesses, Seejak Trades seeks the products of small and local business to provide the bulk of their inventory! 


As a company, Seejak Trades always looks to source the best quality products and the best organic and natural products they can find for improved holistic wellness!


Chris and Bobbi Jo believe in Seejak Trades and they want each and every customer to believe in their products.

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